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The Major components of a Closed Circuit Television System include:

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)



There are a variety of security cameras available on the market today. They vary with

technology, style, and features. Range of cameras include:
Speedzoom and Autotrack


A digital video recorder (DVR) is the central component in any CCTV system. It is necessary to record the video from any camera.
They are commonly available in 4 channel, 8 channel and 16 channel. Depending on sophistication, the DVR includes a central management software (CMS) which can be used for remote viewing, PTZ control, live and recording playback options and motion detection.

Storage Capacity
An important feature of a DVR is its storage capacity. When configuring how much storage you need, you must consider the number of days of video you want to store and the number of cameras recording. For example, a CCTV system with 6 cameras each recording at 30 fps, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week needs 1.4TB of storage space to maintain the data for 30 days.

NOTE: The hard disk drive for recording is your usual computer hard disk



When installing any CCTV surveillance system, in addition to the cameras and DVR equipment, there are many other accessories that may be required for completion.
Connectors & Adapters
Video Baluns
Power Supplies



Wired Surveillance
A wired CCTV system requires the cameras to be physically connected to your monitor or DVR via a cable. The optimal choice for a camera security system is wired. Wired systems are more cost effective, provide the highest quality video, and no signal interruption.

Wireless Surveillance
A wireless CCTV system typically uses the 2.4GHz frequency to transmit the signal to the monitor or DVR. Most wireless CCTV cameras have a range limitation of 200 feet with clear line of sight transmission. Wall thickness and other interference may decrease this distance. Though a wireless camera offers greater flexibility when placing your camera,most still re-quire the use of an AC adapter.


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